Exclusively ‘Yummy’ Sausages in Mustard Sauce with Olives and French Beans .

written by Chef Raphael 6th February 2013

Ever been in a situation where you are really hungry and don’t have much in your fridge to make a meal that you are used to? It happens to me, but this is the perfect time for me to come up with new food ideas that never disappoint. I came up with this super simple meal that I had to share so to increase your meal ideas for your home. You can use beef with the recipe in place of the sausages but try to find tender beef.

Sausage Ingredients:
8 Plain beef or pork Sausage-Cut in large chunks
1/2 Onion-Sliced
2 Garlic-Sliced
1-2tsp Mustard(I used whole grain)
Fresh Cream/Cooking Cream


  • On a hot pan, cook the sausage with little oil till evenly browned on all sides.
  • Reduce the heat then add the onions and garlic
  • Let the onions cook till soft and slightly brown.
  • Add the mustard the stir well till fully mixed with the sausages.
  • Add a little water to make a sauce and simmer while covered for about 2 minutes.
  • Adjust the seasoning and add the cream. If the water has reduced, add a little more together with the cream.
  • Add more cream to desired taste to slightly neutralise the strong mustard flavour but dont let it boil.
  • Serve hot with favorite accompaniment, I used Ugali and it was DIVINE.

For the French Beans:
Cook the olives with some chopped onion and little oil

After cooking for 1-2 minutes add the pre-cooked french beans, toss and cook till heated through(A few minutes) Adjust the seasoning.

Serve hot.

Raphael’s Tip:

  • The course grain mustard works well with this dish and give it an interesting twist and character than using the plain mustard. Add the mustard according to your taste and should you too much add more cream and a little sugar to balance the taste.
  • For the french beans, pre cook them in salty water for about 2-3 minutes till nice and crunchy. The olives when cooked are nice and tasty and a real treat to the palette. Bon Apetite.

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