Express Lunch With A View At Ole Sereni’s Eagles Steak House

written by Winnie Wangui 16th October 2017

Say you woke up late, got ready in a rush and forgot your packed lunch on your kitchen counter top. Now you are seated at your desk at the office at 12pm and your growling stomach keeps interrupting your thoughts and you are racking your brain trying to figure out what move to take to kill the hunger pangs. It gets even worse when your calendar notification pops up reminding you that you have a meeting at 2pm sharp. There’s no way you will pull through the meeting on an empty stomach so you decide to step out and sort out your grumbling stomach.

If this is you every other day, then the newly launched Express Lunch at Eagles Steak House at Ole Sereni will solve your lunch problems. What better way to take a break than having a hearty meal overlooking the expansive Nairobi National Park. I recently got a chance to experience their Express Lunch menu. Depending on how hungry you are, you can choose to either have a two course lunch for Ksh. 2000 per person or a three course for Ksh. 2500 per person.

Being my first time at Eagles I had brought my appetite with me so I went for a three course lunch. Their menu features vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with a variety of dishes for each course.

Accompanied by my three friends, we started with beef carpaccio, and filled aubergine with ratatouille. The beef carpaccio was like none I’ve ever tasted. The thin beef slices with sprinkled black pepper, taken together with the fresh rocket leaves and parmesan shavings was fusion of flavours that my taste buds were not ready for. The vegetarian option was a warm, nutritious starter whose flavours came to life when combined with the topped mixture of cheese and parmesan.

Owing to the name, the courses were served in quick succession with the main course options landing on our table shortly after. We had the pork vikings, flame grilled rump steak, chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta cheese and risotto of butternut squash and mushrooms.

The medium done steak was served with chunky chips, sauteed spinach, grilled tomato and a fiery black pepper sauce. Not only was it a generous portion, it was tender and flavourful and a little (or if you like heat in your meals you could be more generous with the sauce) drizzle of the black pepper sauce made all the flavours bolder.

The combination of the salty fetta cheese and spinach on the stuffed chicken breast resulted to a flavourful, comforting dish suitable for when you want a lunch that will fill you up just enough to allow you to still get things done in  the afternoon the office.

Stuffed as we were, there was no way we could have said no to the famed Eagles Steak house cheese cake. After one bite, it was evident why I had been encouraged by one of my friends to try it. The smooth and creamy dessert was served with fruit salsa- a dessert masterpiece you just have to try.

Next time you find yourself wondering where you can enjoy an affordable, exquisite and fast lunch, be sure to make your way to Ole Sereni on any weekday. You never know, the antelopes might just stop by for a quick hello like they did while I was there!

Images: Tatiana Karanja


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