Love Whisky Festival- Fairmont The Norfolk Welcomes Johnnie Walker Bar In Style

written by Jeannette Musembi 28th November 2013

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Calling all whisky drinkers! Wait..are majority of Kenyans actually whisky lovers? Kudos to you if you are. Now let’s try and reel in the rest.

Interestingly, a recent survey has concluded that India is the largest whisky drinking nation in the world, with a whooping consumption of  around 200 million cases every year.

The Indians are prodigious whisky drinkers, downing 570-million litres in 2004, 40% more than the second largest consumers the United States, and the total is set to grow, according to British-based market analyst Canadean.

Astonishing isn’t it? And really, i don’t think it’s got anything to do with their high population, but rather they have discovered a secret in whisky drinking that probably we haven’t yet.

Back to Kenya now. If you haven’t heard about the Love Whisky Festival, then it’s safe to say that you have lost touch with the world. Happening in the whole month of November in different venues around Nairobi, the festival, unveiled by the Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) is a unique celebration of the world of whisky, with the aim to grow whisky sales.

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Apparently this is because Kenya is experiencing a rapidly growing middle-class accompanied by a shift of consumer preferences for beverages. People are becoming more aware of brands and are moving ahead with the drink trends. It is easy to see why the Love Whisky Festival has become such a huge it, with over 16,000 fans on their month old Facebook Page.

According to East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Ryan Majiwa, the ‘Love Whisky Festival’ is Kenya’s largest, liveliest and most exciting whisky tasting and lifestyle show of its kind.

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Fairmont was one of the venues where the Love Whisky caravan shared its ‘whisky love’ with. With a long overdue Johnnie Walker Bar that was supposed to be launched a few months back at the hotel, they certainly made up for the delay with a beautiful and classy Johnnie Walker Blue Label Dinner.

A black tie event attended by VIP key personalities in the business and media world, the dinner, dubbed, ‘Whisky is prestigious’ included a delicious four course dinner enjoyed with Diageo’s Premium whisky brands; Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. All these as the guests were taken through the history of Johnnie Walker by EABL’s Group Strategy Director James Pennefather.

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Fairmont’s Chef Karan of course did not fail to deliver. With dishes such as duck confit for starters, slow cooked morendat beef for mains, and bitter chocolate and orange parfait for dessert, it is easy to see how many people will be coming back to enjoy the Johnnie Walker whisky bar. The promise of good food is too much of a good chance to pass by.

The highlight of the night was of course getting a chance to sample the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Fairmont’s  to-die-for hand made truffles. Absolutely divine!

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Ryan Majiwa further said the aim of the festival is to change the outlook of whisky drinkers in Kenya.

“For a longest time, whisky has been viewed as a more conservative man’s drink, so this is our chance to demonstrate to Kenyans that there are different ways to enjoy whisky and you can enjoy whisky your own way,” he concluded.

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Catch the finale of the Love Whisky Festival at the Electric Avenue in Westlands this Friday Nov 29th. Enjoy great offers on your favorite whisky brands like Talisker, Glenkinchie,  J&B and many more!


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