Fam Jams

written by Yummy Editorial 21st March 2015

Fam Jams

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right place to take your large family when you want to dine out in the Green City in the Sun. It’s not that there aren’t many restaurants, if anything the opposite is true! However sometimes you just wish someone would take the time to make a list of restaurants where the grown up can sit, chat, sip and be adults, while the kids scamper about outside or are otherwise entertained. Wish no more…. Yummy brings to you Nairobi’s best and most varied places to dine out with the kids. For more options visit our website at www.eatout.co.ke/childfriendly


This Lavington Curve Portuguese eatery is a great treat for the entire family. The food is amazing, with exotic dishes that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. The family will be able to relax, as Adega offers a great children’s play area complete with slides, a play house and an incredible view of the surrounding Lavington area.

Big Square

Every kid likes to get messy and this no-frills eatery-chain offers exactly that. In recent months its ribs have become the talk of Nairobi and the only way to eat them properly is with a giant Big Square bib and your sauce covered hands. Bring the kids whenever the family needs a night to cut loose.

Java Gigiri

The Java House chain is always a hit with kids, with their fun burgers, great milkshakes and amazing cakes. The Gigiri location is the best of them for young ones, with an exceptional outdoor area of seating and one of the most laid back approaches of any coffee restaurant in Nairobi. Mom and Dad will be able to enjoy their coffee in peace, as Java Gigiri offers a play place in order to distract the little ones for a while.

Mystique Gardens

This laid back Koroga style restaurant on the corner of Eldama Ravine Road and Ring Road Parklands, is a great place to bring the family for a chilled out Saturday lunch. They offer all the staples of Koroga-fare and give you the options to bring your own and make it however you like. If being outdoors messing about on the swings is what your kids enjoy, then look no further than Mystique Gardens.


If your family is dying to get out of town, then look no further than Olepolos, located beyond Kiserian near the Ngong Hills Nature preserve. It features some of the best Nyama Choma around Nairobi coupled with an exceptional view into the Rift Valley. The spot can easily become a laid back weekend getaway, with cabins to rent and a great pool that everyone will enjoy. If you’re trying to make a quick lunch out of it, be sure to call ahead as they slow roast everything to make it taste just perfect.

Phoenician Westlands

The insanely-delicious fusion Lebanese and Sushi menu in this newly refurbished Westlands establishment, offers a wide array of delicious eats from the Middle East and the Far East that the kids are sure to enjoy. The chocolate fondant will be a dessert that your young ones are sure to enjoy, with chocolate oozing out of delicious cake. The great atmosphere is geared even more towards children, with their play area offering parents a break.

Purdy Arms

This Karen institution of eats is always one to take the kids to. The sprawling gardens are ripe for exploring and kids can spend hours enjoying the scenery while the adults catch a drink in peace. The ultra friendly resident dog and hidden jungle gym make Purdy Arms a great time for children and its exceptional eats are definitely note- worthy as well!


This fabulous Westlands hotel has one the best interactive cooking experiences for children in all of Nairobi. Their Sugar, Spice…All Things Nice Sunday Brunch, allows kids to get in on the fun, learning to cook, bake and decorate their creations. There is also a movie time catered specially for them all for 2000 Ksh. per child every Sunday at Sankara Hotel (be sure to book in advance as this is a wildly popular event with Nairobi families).


The Karen restaurant rated among Nairobi’s best always has something going on, from art exhibitions to live concerts. The expansive gardens and eclectic décor make sure that even sitting in Talisman is never boring. Kids will love the atmosphere, running around outside in the beautiful gardens and of course the incredible food! Just remember now, don’t trip up the chef!

Zen Garden

This Spring Valley eatery offers a great outdoor setting and an amazing kids menu to get them involved in the fun of going out to eat. The children’s desserts (especially the giant cookie) are always a hit. After the sugar rush, the kids can get out and expend that excess energy in Zen Garden’s gorgeous gardens with a children’s area that comes complete with a bouncy castle!

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