Fancy African Plantain Fries?

written by Yoga David 25th September 2013




I know most of you like devouring potato fries, this is because potatoes are always synonymous with fries.

But did you know you can make good fries from plantain (starchy banana that is used in cooking ) and it can be a good delicious meal that you may consider.

Cooking oil
Any sauces and spices of your choice

First of all peel your plantains.

Slash them as thin as possible then soak it in for about 5-10 minutes this is necessary to remove excess starch on the plantain.

Drain the plantain then season it with salt.

Then heat your cooking oil, fry your plantain til it is golden brown this will take at most 4 minutes.

Serve it with your favourite sauce or spices.




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