Fancy Some Tequila Cocktails On Draft?

written by Ivy Nyayieka 3rd February 2018

If you are attending Africa Nouveau, that tells me that you are a fun person who makes fun decisions. I am also certain that same spirit will guide you to the Don Julio mobile bar where they will be serving pre-mixed cocktails on draft.

Deano Moncrieffe, Don Julio’s Global Brand Ambassador

Deano Moncrieffe, the Global Brand Ambassador, is in the country to launch Don Julio’s new mobile bar. If you are like me and just heard of this cocktail-on-tap concept for the first time, then it basically means that you now get to order high quality cocktails and get them asap without begging the bartender to look your way at some point.

“The cocktails will be made fresh- probably within an hour or so of people arriving,” says Moncrieffe.  “You’ll probably see us at the back making more cocktails to go in.”

If you do not go to Don Julio’s joint for the subsidised Ksh. 500 cocktails, then you need to go if only to set your eyes once in your lifetime on the glory that is Moncrieffe’s dreadlocks. If you do not drink tequila, be warned that he promises to convert you. “Yes you do; you just didn’t realise,” he says.

Don Julio’s East African brand ambassador wishes Kenyans stopped giving tequila a bad name by taking a shot at the end of the night and blaming it for the next morning’s entire hangover: “Kenyans are missing out on a wonderful category because of doing slammers at 1 o’clock in the morning instead of wanting to sit down and have a really nice glass of anejo tequila.” Ok fam, drag me.  

If that does not seduce you enough, they are passionate about supporting local communities. While tequila is distilled in Mexico, Don Julio will source all the cocktail ingredients locally to ensure high quality and freshness as well as reduce the negative effects of importing on the environment: “We have used the same approach as a chef would-  only the best freshest ingredients.”

If you are one of those people whose friends side-eye you when tequila gets you emotional, then you will likely appreciate the story of how at sixteen, Don Julio, a peasant, convinced a wealthy man to loan him money to buy his first distillery.

If you by any grave mistake miss out on Africa Nouveau, do not worry. You will be able to have the cocktails on tap at some of your favorite bars, because everyone deserves a second chance.

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