Uruguay Fans Blame Team’s Loss To Confiscated Caramel Spread

written by Yoga David 19th June 2014

uruguay caramel spread


Uruguay fans and the media have blamed the confiscation of their team’s 40 kg of dulce de leche (caramel spread) by Brazilian officials, to their 3-1 defeat to Costa Rica in their opening game of the World Cup on Saturday.

The caramel spread is an extremely popular food in Uruguay and the national squad carried 86 lbs to Brazil but it was confiscated on their arrival at Confins airport.

In their defence, the Brazilian officials said that since the spread was made with milk it needed the mandatory sanitary documentation before it was allowed in the country.

uruguay losing blamed on confiscated caramel spread

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Agriculture department official told Reuters the Uruguay squad would have the dulche de leche back once the necessary documents were availed to them.

“Or they can pick it up on their way out of Brazil,” they said.

The squad apparently had the spread at the last World Cup, in South Africa, which helped them reach the semi-finals.

Uruguayan newspaper El Pais reportedly declared: “Uruguay’s 3-1 defeat in its World Cup debut could have another explanation: a lack of dulce de leche after Brazilian health authorities seized a consignment brought by the national team.”

And the Mirror quotes a local press agency as saying: “At times a defeat can be down to non-footballing things. Why not?”

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