Fascafé: Serving Tasty Dishes This and Every Weekend

written by Anthony Mbugua 13th August 2019

Is it just us or does the weekend plan always include enjoying a fantastic dish? We bet you also plan your weekend around good food (and dessert, let’s not forget the dessert) and we know just the place to make your order from; Fascafé. The recently opened food delivery service is here to make life easier.

What’s there to love from Fascafé? Everything! Because all their meals are homecooked, giving them that special touch and flavour you deserve for all your hard work during the week.

Creamy hummus and crispy pita chips

Do you love hummus? You should definitely try their creamy hummus which you’ll take together with some slightly crispy pita chips. They also serve this with some chilli flakes if you want to add a bit of spice. Even though not everyone from our team was built for the chilli (lots of “Aaah” was heard as others asked for a glass of water or two), we were built for the pita chips, which got devoured within a few minutes.

Appetising beef poutine with cheese

There are dishes you just can’t eat enough of and the beef poutine with cheese is one of them. The gooeyness of the cheese perfectly balanced with the beef, melting so gloriously in our mouths and honestly, we were impressed by the thick yummy taste of this which left us wondering why there wasn’t more of it. Let’s also make it clear that there was no time to capture this ‘for the gram‘, otherwise, we would’ve lost out on these flavours. It was such an experience.

Chocolate Mousse

At one point, we couldn’t decide on what really worked for everyone: was it the poutine, was it the hummus or the chips? Then we had dessert and we had more questions: what was the secret ingredient? How much ice cream did Fascafé use for their savoury chocolate mousse? With a few raspberries and just lightly chilled, this was a wonderful dessert for the meal we had enjoyed.

Make your order this weekend and tell us what you think.

Orders are up-to Friday evening and pick-up and deliveries are made on Saturdays.

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