Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

written by Mary Mahinda 4th February 2015

Whether we admit it or not, it goes without saying that  Nairobiains love their fast foods and we enjoy indulging every so often (If only we would eat without worrying about that extra kilo ending up in our mid section!!). Many fast food joints have over the years opened up in the city with more and more coming up including international brands that are seeking to make a kill from the ready available consumer market.

So here are some famous fast food picks in the city for the next time you get the munchies and or craving for something greasy and finger licking good.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi


This brand houses SteersDebonairs Pizza and most recently the Ocean Basket famous for its delicious sea food. Steers remains one of the market leaders by offering the widest range of burgers using a unique flame grilled process. It also offers the best value for money on Wacky Wednesdays with 2 may and relish burgers for one great low price. Debonairs Pizza serves a wide variety of pizza in town and a wide selection of Pizza toppings with a “build your own” option for custom toppings combinations, sauces, as well as crusts.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi


Innscor Kenya

This is the company behind Creamy Inn, Pizza Inn and Galitos and also one of the most famous fast food joints in Nairobi and beyond.


Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Big Square Kenya

If you want addictive ribs, then you have to visit Big Square especially on Wednesdays for their amazing BBQ Wednesday ribs offer. Big Square is among the fast growing fast food joints in Nairobi with a branch in all the right corners of town.

snack attack - Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Snack Attack

Snack Attack Kenya at Adam’s arcade is a quick serve restaurant franchise from the UAE and the first restaurant in Nairobi to bring you “Loaded Chips”, made using Snack Attack’s own unique recipe, consisting of a generously-sized bucket of deliciously deep-fried chips covered with your choice from a variety of exotic toppings, including chicken strips, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, mayonnaise and more. Snack Attack also offers specialty chips including sweet potato, arrow roots and cassava chips.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Naked Pizza

If you’re not interested in adding more inches, there is an alternative: Naked Pizza. Naked Pizza was originally named “World’s Healthiest Pizza” and that is exactly what they aspire to be. Naked is the nutritious alternative to regular fast food and is created by people with a purpose. The pizza is “naked” because its ingredients are natural.

KFC Fast Food Chains in Nairobi


KFC is the largest international chicken franchise serving the world famous Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe for over 60 years. They also recently opened the first ever drive thru in Nairobi enabling motorist on the busy Mombasa road to enjoy their KFC chicken on the go.


Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Sonford Fish & Chips

Sonford is conveniently located in the CBD for a fast fix of fish and chips and chicken especially to revellers who like clubbing in the CBD as it operates 24hrs a day. You just can’t go wrong with Sonford.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Subway Kenya

Looking for a healthy alternative to fast foods? The Subway restaurant at the Junction Mall offers  fresh and  healthy subs and sandwiches that are popular all around the world. You can call +254721892603 for deliveries.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Chicken House

Serving Halal products, they have their chicken in a variety of ways different from many fast food joints in town. This fast food joints are mostly located in the CBD and therefore easily accesible to many.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi


The world famous Dominos Pizza Dominos along with sister brand Cold Stone Creamery are the newest brands to tap into the Kenyan market and are among the most popular joints in town.

Fast Food Chains in Nairobi

Mc Fries

You will find a Mc Fries in almost all corners of Nairobi offering tasty fries and chicken at very affordable prices.

This are just but a few of whats available in Nairobi but this list is endless so to say with many favourable fast food joints located in the estates and  many more listed on our site Eat Out. Feel free to add to our list.


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