What Your Favourite Cup of Coffee Says About You

written by Yummy Team 19th February 2019

Did you know your favourite cup of coffee actually says something about your personality? So whether you are a black coffee, latte or cappuccino drinker, this could translate that you are either a straightforward, quiet person or you are obsessive and controlling.

Eager to find out where you fall? Well, here’s what your favourite cup of coffee says about you.


You actually like the taste of coffee, a rare but admirable trait. You are friendly and adaptive, hard-working but moody. You are also a go-getter and you know how to get what you want. Leadership comes easy for you and you thrive on such opportunities.

Black Coffee

This is for old school purists whose virtues include patience and efficiency. You are also a straight-forward kind of person whose flaws include moodiness and inflexibility. Keeping it simple is the mantra you live by and you are set in your way and resistant to change.


If you prefer your coffee a tad bit soft by adding milk, you are definitely a comfort seeker. Indecisiveness best describes you whenever you have to make decisions. In the world of the unknown, you prefer the safe pick. You are that person who seeks to please people and goes out of their way to help out. The sad part is you often forget to take care of yourself.


To be a cappuccino lover, you must be creative, with a warm heart and very imaginative. However, this sometimes works against you because you find it hard to keep friends who are unimaginative simply because they bore you. Oblivious, obsessive and controlling are some of your characteristics but they are complimented by honesty and enthusiasm which form your foundation of values.


Procrastination is a habit you struggle to shed off. Luckily though, you are also a cheerful person and lighting up people’s days comes naturally to you. You are also laid back, don’t stress about life’s challenges and take life as it comes. However, if you were left to plan a party, dinner or corporate meeting, it would probably flop.



You probably don’t believe in the saying “You are what you eat”. You claim to love coffee but the reality is, you just love ice cream. You are not known to make healthy choices, like adventure and will try out just about anything. Your cheerful and optimistic nature makes you a trendsetter.


Lovers of Mocha are fun-loving and creative. They hate the taste of coffee but love the frequent pick-me-up so they make it work.

Specific requests

Are you the type whose order features a list of demands that take like 30 seconds to rhyme off? This type of coffee drinkers tends to be perfectionists, selfish, overly sensitive and health conscious. Basically, you are the type that ruins all the fun. An ardent party pooper, you adhere to rules and monitor your well being a bit too keenly.

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