What Your Favourite Pizza Toppings Say About You

written by Wendy Watta 29th October 2018

Forget Zodiac signs or stalking someone on social media…how about you just buy them pizza to find out what exactly makes them tick? Everybody loves pizza, only in different toppings. Our food preferences develop at ages 0-7, which is when our personality develops. Your favourite toppings therefore give insight into your personality, and I promise not to bore you to death with further details into the psychology behind it all. I, for instance, fiercely believe that pineapples have no business sitting on a pizza and yet some people swear by it. If you’re one of those people, by the way, then you’re way chill, man. And if you were any more relaxed or cooler then you’d be a cucumber, and then we’d slice you up and spread you over some new type of pizza.

As you get over that bad joke, here’s what other favourite toppings say about you:

Pepperoni pizza


You’re feisty, fun and like to keep it 100. You get bored rather easily, like to party and sometimes get a little wild- but it’s all in good fun. You don’t pretend to be anything that you’re not and what you say might often be true but your delivery always has you on the receiving end of a few grudges. Your go-to outfit is a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. Well, except when you’re diving face first into a thick slice of pepperoni pizza.

Veggie pizza


Several people might roll their eyes when your veggie option is brought over but you know what, you’re not afraid of pushing against convention and would rather be confident and healthy than cool. You certainly have self control seeing as the mere act of sticking to a veggie pizza amidst all that meaty goodness requires some form of willpower. You’re very flirtatious, charming, gullible and, wait for it…self-absorbed!

Meat pizza


You saucy person you! YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Goofy or straight up funny with a strong personality and tendency to be loud and chatty, you’re surprisingly quite a big teddy bear at heart. You might be the life of the party when you’re out but can also be quite the homebody.

Seafood pizza


You’re naturally adventurous and a little mysterious. You’re principled, intelligent and critical. You may however not be the most spontaneous one of the lot as you would probably research something to death before diving in.

Barbecue Chicken


If you’re Kenyan, I bet you’re a Luhya. Sorry, I just had to! You go after what you want, always speak your mind and are very driven. You’re quite low maintenance and it doesn’t take much to make you happy. Matter of fact, nothing screams pure bliss like a hot slice of chicken pizza generously slathered in BBQ sauce.

White pizza


You’re classic- with a sexy twist! In totally unrelated news, that phrase always reminds me of a smoky whiskey sour. Okay, you’re a cocktail of subtlety, simplicity and caution, with a dash of cynicism. You love a good debate, often think yourself more intellectually superior than others (although whether you actually are is up for debate, one which I’m sure you would love to get into). You’re also good with money.

Cheese-free pizza

You probably dread ordering pizza because you know that you’ll have to explain, yet again, why on earth you prefer yours without cheese. Your choice goes on to show that you don’t always like to fit the mould, and there’s certainly a place for square pegs in this round world!

Extra cheese


Your answer to any cooking dilemma is “more cheese, please!” Isn’t it? *insert cheesy grin here* You’re like Oliver Twist- the boy who asked for more. But ain’t no shame in the game…go ahead. Dig in. No one’s judging you! (Not to your face anyways). You’re overindulgent and can never seem to have enough of a good thing. Or maybe you just really love cheese. It’s one or the other…

Egg pizza


Egg pizza? You’re just plain weird. Okay, maybe not. And if you are then that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This choice however implies that you like to keep away from the spotlight, are supportive, loving and trustworthy. Go you!

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