First All-Insect Restaurant Set To Open In London

written by Winnie Wangui 26th October 2015

If you are like me, and anything that crawls scares the evil out of you, you might not be too keen to visit an all-insect restaurant. You probably think it sounds bizarre, weird and pointless am sure, you, just like me can’t picture yourself swallowing an insect and going on and on about how delicious it is.

However, there still are some daring people out there who wouldn’t mind eating a grasshopper or two. They are so passionate about it, that they have decided to open an all-insect restaurant before the end of the year in UK.

Fried grasshoppers

Fried grasshoppers

The restaurant, dubbed Grub Kitchen, will have ingredients from Sarah Beynon’s bug farm and the Chef, Andy Holcroft, will create delicacies such as mealworm-cricket-grasshoper burgers. Sounds tantalizing eh? And that’s not all, this Chef intends to give diners a variety of options in the insect cuisine. Diners will have the privilege of savouring on an insect taster plate, signature bug burgers,  and even cricket cookies.

All insect restaurant to open in London

The mealworm-cricket-grasshoper burger Image: :

There will also be whole insects on the menu, and for those who will be grossed out by the insects’ legs, antennae and eyes, they will offer options where insects are incorporated into dishes, ground up and used as flour or burger mince.

If you are the curious and experimental type, then this is for you.


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