Flame Tree keeping the Fire alive

written by Jeannette Musembi 6th November 2012

Situated right along valley road and a few bearable minutes from the CBD is Flame Tree restaurant at Sarova Panafric Hotel. The restaurant has been known to be a hub for the tourists on board with the hotel but a recent visit proved to me otherwise- it is quite a popular place for ‘Nairobians’ who have discovered the secret as well. Surprisingly full house on a rainy weekday evening, there must’ve been something pulling in the crowds. I set out to find out what.

So what is this secret? I could start with the ambiance, which embodies a sort of a homey and romantic feel; the brick layered walls make the place look even cosier. Or I could comment on how warm and welcoming the service is the moment you walk in the restaurant. But there is much more that catches the eye than that, and that is definitely the food. We were fortunate that it was Wednesday, because it was Flame Tree’s ribs, chops and jazz night. Yes, to my surprise, ribs and chops do go quite well together with jazz- a far better combination than having them in noisy pubs. This is an opportunity to just kick back and enjoy the night as you recharge your mid-week batteries.

For only a minimal fee of Kshs 1,550, the ribs and chops feast is worth every penny. Prepared by Chefs Jon and George (who also happened to emerge as a finalist in one of the local culinary competitions), it’s safe to say we were well sorted. I ordered the Flame Pork Viking Chops, Flame Tree’s signature dish and which is reputed to be the best in town. My colleague opted for the BBQ Beef ribs cooked in a special recipe. For starters, enjoy a fresh vegetable salad with a side of bread and butter.

As we waited for our orders, we were offered a cocktail menu to sample from and a few suggestions from their mixologist Eric. The cocktails are amazing to say the least. Apart from an incident where the apple mojito was a bit too lemony for us, Eric was happy to make it up with a few of his best selections. The affinity, classic cosmopolitan, luv-in-ton and the white sangria that we instantly fell in love with, were more than we had anticipated for. To politely put it –we were in cocktail heaven. I strongly recommend a sample of Flame Tree’s extensive cocktail menu if you are looking to spice the night.

The ribs and chops on the other hand, were absolutely divine. The food and beverage manager John was proud to explain that the meat is sourced from special suppliers who prepare them to tender perfection. The ease at which my knife tore through the chops was proof enough. The portions are surprisingly huge; better have room when you order for one.  If you are a vegetarian, you can order from the wide selection of vegetarian dishes in the al-carte menu and not feel left out in the feast.



All in all, Flame Tree makes for a great experience and pocket friendly place to indulge in a refreshing meal.


To book your table online please log onto www.eatout.co.ke/Flametree

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