Flamenco Night at Sarova Stanley

written by Mary Mahinda 24th October 2014

Flamenco dance is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain and although it is not clear what the origin of the word Flamenco is, it is said to be derived from the Spanish word flamenco which mean “flamingo” referring to the bird, but originally meaning “flame-coloured”. The Flamenco dance includes singing, guitar playing, dance and handclaps. Flamenco has been there for centuries but is mostly popular with the Romani people of Spain but has since gained popularity around the world with flamenco academies opening up in various countries.

Back home, Sarova Stanley have pulled a first by introducing Flamenco Night starting this coming Monday  at the Thorn Tree Restaurant and the Exchange Bar where you get to enjoy Spanish fun with the famous guitarist Mr. Ricardo Garcia. See poster below for where you need to be to be part of the fun.

Flamenco Night at Sarova Stanley

call 0711222222 for more details and reservations. Featured image courtesy of galleryhip.com


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