Be careful when carrying these foods to the office

written by Winnie Wangui 20th April 2015

As lunch time slowly approaches, your stomach starts to rumble and you look forward to diving into your packed lunch which you carefully stored at the office fridge in the morning. If you are the type who carries food with a strong odour that gets everyone’s stomach rumbling as soon as you set the microwave, or your food makes colleagues cringe their faces murmuring and grumbling while you are in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to beep, I’ve got news for you.

There are some unwritten office rules that are common such as, always allow people to exist an elevator before getting on, when at a party, and the host starts cleaning, that\s your cue to leave and some foods are better eaten at the comfort of your home or restaurant and not carried or delivered to the office.

So before you decide to pack your favorite meal for lunch only to cause a disaster in your office, here’s a list of foods we highly recommend should never see your lunch box at any one time.


Sea Food

This should be a no-brainer. It doesn’t matter if it is fried, canned or dried fish, meals with anything fish in them should not be carried to the office. Other than offending those who do not like fish, the smell lingers in the microwave, the kitchen and lands in the cubicles giving your nose a hard time with the disturbing air around. If you want to have fish for lunch, have it in a restaurant. Heating it and having it outside doesn’t help. The same goes for lobster. Not only can we smell it, we can hear you eating it too! If you happen to really like seafood and you are sad it made it to this list, don’t worry if you eat it cold, it will not unleash the smell.

Extra spicy curry


Yes we agree, curry is heavenly and so awesome for lunch and we understand if you must eat it. As delicious as it is to the person eating it, to everyone else, the strong smell of curry punches you in the face making your eyes water and your nose run. Worse still, the smell lingers for days, making the kitchen smell like the dumpster of an Indian restaurant. If you must carry curry for lunch, make sure it is not too full of ginger, garlic, pepper, chilli and those other spices that may cause a disturbance when you heat it in the office.



Now this is just weird. Do people really carry eggs for lunch? Like what type of eggs, hard boiled ones or fried? To carry this for lunch is just cruel. Hope you have never done this and if you have, please don’t do it again. The torture you would put your colleagues through by doing this is enough to have them vacate the office for a solid two days and they would still find the smell when they get back. However an egg salad or sandwich is a safe way of carrying eggs for lunch; no offensive odour.


Mexican food

Of all other cuisines, no other cuisine captures as many offensive aromas as Mexican cuisine, not mentioning the inevitable gas that comes from eating it. There should actually be an office kitchen policy saying Mexican is not allowed in the kitchen. With ingredients such as spicy onions to greasy cheese and chips and chile corn carne gravy, a stench is expected especially when it is reheated. Am sure if the microwave was human, it would cough hysterically fifteen seconds into warming the food. It is better to have Mexican at a restaurant and arm yourself with some breath mints to keep bad breath away all afternoon.



You may be wondering why fruits are on this list. Well not all fruits are offensive in the office. Fruits such as oranges and bananas could have irritating smells that would make your colleagues uncomfortable. How? you ask, well if you eat a banana at your desk, yes you may think you are being sneaky because the busy person next to you will not hear you chew nor will they smell the banana. However, they might end up smelling the peel that you threw in the trash can you share in the office. Same goes for oranges and other citrus fruits. The peels have a distracting smell which may bother someone. So discard all peels in the trash can in the kitchen or carry something only you can smell like an apple if you must have a fruit. Careful how you take those bites though.

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