Food Trend: A Canned 12-Course Gourmet

written by Yoga David 2nd September 2013



All in One”- a consumerism dissertation by Christopher Godfrey– is something worth looking at. It showcases how sales gimmick can be achieved through an incredible 12 course menu.

He started by pureeing each course in a blender mixed with a little bit of gelatin. From there he came up with this creation, incorporating the worst culinary of the 1950s housewives.

The mixture needs careful spooning, with at least an hour set for each layer of the mixture.

“We all buy into gimmicks whether it be ‘buy one get one free,’ ‘all in one,’ or ‘one size fits all,’” Godfrey explains. “The 12-course meal encourages viewers to question the novelty nature of our consumer culture. Just because it is a deal, does it actually provide the most beneficial option?”

With this I think Godfrey has done a wonderful job building his consumerist satire. In this case he built a product that he thought no one would ever think of buying but in the real sense he has developed an enticing product that has attracted people to buy.

“I’ve had emails from all around the world asking if it’s available to buy. From single cans to cases of it!” Godfrey admits. “I had never thought about it being a commercial product, but apparently there is a market for it, so who knows!”

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