Any Time Is Frappe Time!

written by Fred Mwithiga 23rd February 2015

Looking for a way to cool down in this crazy Nairobi heat? The answer lies in a Frappe!

Caffeine has never been so indulging, so creamy, so rich!! I could go on for days! Thanks to Tiramisu at the Village Market, the world wide craze is now in Kenya, meaning your planned overseas trips to visit a Starbucks can now be put to rest. Some of the flavours they offer are:

  1. Strawberry and Cream – It doesn’t get any more authentic than this. The strawberry flavour fused with cream will have you over the moon and on your way to mars!
  2. Mocha – Have a thing for mocha?? This will have you dancing with joy and craving some more and more!
  3. Caramel – This caramel blend is like heaven on your taste buds! An absolute pleaser!
  4. Double Chocolate Chip – It doesn’t get any more chocolatey than this! If you love your chocolate, you should go for this!

You can choose to have the Mocha, Caramel and Double Chocolate Chip with a shot of coffee if you prefer that extra kick or without one!

Any Time Is Frappe' Time! Any Time Is Frappe' Time!

Their frappes are ‘a little sweet and a lot creamy’ so you can fully give in to this tasty temptation without having to worry about the dentist. Head down to Tiramisu today and immerse yourself deep in one of their frappes and give yourself the treat you so rightly deserve!

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