French Menus Now Embraces Insect Eating

written by Yoga David 2nd December 2013



French upscale restaurants menus now have Scorpions and grasshoppers in their fine cuisine selections.

This has to be for those concerned about the world’s increasing demand for protein, as they seek solace in consuming insects as one of the solutions.

Of course it is common for the French to use fancy words like ‘entomophagy’, but  it is basically insect-eating to you and me.

Since back, we know insect eating has been a preserve of peasant peoples around the world. But these days it’s beginning to make in-roads in the so-called and self-proclaimed capital of haute cuisine.

In Nice, chef David Faure offers “Alternative Food” menus at his establishment- the Aphrodite restaurant. Crickets and Mealworm share the bill with pate de foie gras.

In the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, Le Festin Nu (The Naked Lunch) bistro offers customers the chance to select from a variety of entomological treats.

To accompany your glass of vin naturel (organic wine), you can as well try other delicacies like palm weevils with beetroot and truffle oil. Also water scorpion with preserved peppers and black garlic or grasshopper with quail’s eggs.

Hey, who thought the upscale French diners would embrace food that has always been associated by peasants? More of searching for protein diet I guess.



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