Know Your Frenzy Food Trend and Fad

written by Yoga David 19th November 2013



If you cannot tell your cronut from your quinoa, then you might be now have time to brush up on your knowledge about the new food trends and fad.

You make look at these tasty trends and say “hey they don’t fit anywhere in my healthy meal plans” but for sure they can be delicious to you.


Commonly described as a hybrid of croissant-doughnut, it is filled with creamy, jam goodness or custard. Undeniably damaging to your waistline but absolutely luscious, the cronut is now popping up in many bakeries and coffee shops all over world.


Pronounced as “keen-wah”, this whole grain meal is a light and crunchy and can be used for range of ways. It is now being used as a rice substitute and is found in salads. For creative users they are now finding new ways to utilise it.

Duck eggs

I know right? These are the new chicken eggs. The duck eggs variety is bigger and thought to be much tastier. Many pastry chefs say the eggs are good for making custard fillings and cream.The eggs may not be popping up in your nearest grocery just yet, but you can easily access them at your local farmers and produce markets.


Once known as the staple food for college students worldwide, ramen noodles have been able to receive a big makeover. It has long been widely popular in Japan and is now making its way across the world. Their noodle soup has also been spiced up with unusual flavours, spices, condiments, often piled high and steamed with fresh vegetables and succulent meat.


This Korean food is gaining momentum as a fine dining favourite, and it is the reasons why. This fermented vegetables are nutritious and delicious, making them a must have for any astute dieter.

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