Delicious Halloween Themed Cocktails

written by Mary Mahinda 28th October 2014


Halloween is not as popular as we would like it to be in Kenya. Rarely do we, kenyan-borns, do anything on this day. Children don’t get to go trick or treating neither do we hold neighborhood parties. This however does not mean we can’t have fun during this time, and we have just what you need to get you going during Halloween. Listed below is a few fun halloween themed cocktails that you will enjoy making and surprising your friends with, be sure to try atleast one of them. Or head over to Cin Cin Bar at Fairmont: The Norfolk to try the creative concoctions they’ve come up with for Halloween.

Vampire Kiss

Fun Halloween Themed Cocktails To try

www.huffingtonpost.com, Recipe

With vodka, Chambord and Champagne used to make the Vampire Kiss, this will get you in the party mood faster than you can say H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n. Get the recipe HERE and you are well on your way to having a fun night.

Corpse Reviver



Even from the look of it, this drink is definitely one not to mess with. Made with gin, triple sec and lillet blanc shaken and served in a cocktail glass, your Halloween party will be the talk of town. Find out how to make the Corpse Reviver HERE

Black Martini



This is both yummy and fun and works well for vodka lovers. Learn how to make a black Martini HERE as we celebrate Halloween.

Brain Fluid



Am sure i do not want to find out how brain fluid looks let alone taste but this is another fun halloween themed cocktail to try out. HERE is the recipe as you prepare to host your first of many halloween parties.

These Halloween themed cocktails are one of the many things you can do this halloween but we have many more fun ideas for you on EatOut. Enjoy your Halloween


Featured image courtesy of trinidad-cuisine.de

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