A Gadget That Cools Your Drink In Under 45 Seconds

written by Yoga David 18th November 2013



I know most beer drinkers do not like warm beer or more less being served with a warm beer.

Here is a remedy that can do away with that anguish,there is a new gadget that is able to change your warm drink into a refreshing beverage within seconds.

The Rapidcool device claims to be able to cool can drinks and bottles from room temperature to  4°C in under 45 seconds.

A London-based Environ-Cool product has been able to receive 760000 pounds in European union funding.

The Pitch is based on product’s potential to be able to reduce energy requirements in supermarket’s cooler aisles.

The inventors of the device hope that it will allow shoppers to choose a drink from supermarket shelf then place it into the machine and get it back chilled without you waiting around.

Check out the video of the gadget below.

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