written by Wendy Watta 8th February 2016

This game Drive around Nairobi National Park courtesy of Ole Sereni Hotel takes place on the first Saturday of every month at Ksh 5,000 for residents and Ksh 9,000 for non-residents.

I have never actually been to Nairobi National Park before. I know…I should be ashamed of myself. I have however been to Eagle’s Steakhouse and Waterhole bar at Ole Sereni Hotel, and the cocktails came with a killer view of the park, but that is hardly the same thing. When I heard of this half-day event by Ole Sereni, I instantly knew I had to experience it. More so because it saved me the hustle of renting a car (and probably a driver), getting company that would enjoy the drive and organizing my own expertly prepared meal at the end of it all. All I needed was an identification document and a generous slathering of sunscreen and I was good to go! (I forgot to carry a pair of sunglasses. Big mistake! If you have binoculars, those will come in handy too.)

We were lucky because we got to see impalas, lions, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, jackals, ostriches, marabou storks, warthogs (Pumba! Lion King, anyone?), Elands, hippos and much more.


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