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written by Yummy Team 8th November 2019

If you haven’t booked your spot yet, the time is now! You’re probably wondering where all this excitement is coming from, right? Nomy is the answer. The concept of Nomy is about a set of pop-up dinners that serve food sourced locally, from within a given radius and focusing on traditional meals re-fashioned to fit the modern culinary culture but still maintaining the same essence, flavours and heritage of the dishes. This is the first time this kind of restaurant pop-up is happening in Kenya. The first set of pop-up dinners will take place from November 13th-16th 2019. This gastro-agricultural think-tank and knowledge bank is inviting you to go back in time and re-imagine old dishes, anew. 

The wonderful experiential pop-up opening will cost just Ksh 6,500. Nomy aims to show the world that the local African kitchen belongs at the top of the gastronomy hill and we couldn’t agree more. The pop-up will showcase the modern African kitchen, described as the ‘New Traditional’, honouring the origins of traditional flavours and regional history with the entire concept and menu completely changing from place to place. 

What should you expect at this event? Simply the best when it comes to a gastronomical exploration. The doors will open at 6:00 pm, followed by the ambience build-up and an opportunity to dive into the story of Nomy with Head Chef Jonas Cronqvist and the local team. You will be treated to pre-dinner cocktails built around local flavours, superstitions and traditions. We know you’re already dreaming of this elegant evening because we are. 

From 7:00 pm, make sure you’re seated because after the bonfire is lit, the journey will begin. Telling a story that began over 60,000 years ago, guests will be told of the story of why a hunt for nutrients became a hunt for flavours that turned into traditional dishes. For once in a long while, you’ll be able to understand flavours and the feelings they invoke stretching through time.

By the end of this experience, you’ll be able to connect with your ancestors, sit in their kitchen and taste what they tasted. If we’ve already teased your palate, then you’ll find the 10-13 courses served irresistibly. It will be an evening of talking, thinking and interacting around a bonfire. 

Are you already thinking of desserts? Nomy will serve a selection of regional sweets and snacks as well as traditional tea and coffee. For the drink lovers, the open cocktail bar with re-traditional cocktails will be an invitation you can’t say no to. 

Tickets available at Mookh here: Nomy Restaurant Week 1

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