Where To Get Kombucha in Nairobi

written by Yummy Team 3rd June 2019

We want you to keep calm and drink kombucha. This tea has a combined taste of fermentation, slightly alcoholic and a bit effervescent. Do you really want your palate to miss out on this gastronomical delight? This tea has numerous health benefits. This tea is rich in anti-oxidants which are good for reducing liver toxicity caused by toxic chemicals. It also probiotic-rich because of its fermentation which is good for providing your gut with healthy bacteria.

Kombucha/ photography by Organic Facts

The best part about this tea is the flavours. You can get it in strawberry, apple juice, pineapple juice, ginger, lime… we can’t exhaust this list. Yummy magazine readers (yes, you!) are a lucky lot because we not only know of places where you can get yours but also some brands we prefer. Booch is a locally produce kombucha which you can get from some places we’ve highlighted. Mama’s kombucha is also another tea you should definitely have. Here are the places we’ve selected for you.

Healthy U

This is definitely our first option for all things healthy. We recommend you head here for kombucha. You will thank us later.


Not only will you get your grocery here but also your kombucha. Make sure you don’t leave without it.

Wasp and Sprout

Absolutely amazing reviews which means this tea is just as good.

Green Spoon

Home deliveries anyone? This is your ultimate place to shop.

Spring Valley Coffee

Artisanal coffee means that they put in the work to ensure their products are of high quality which goes for this tea as well.

Nairobi flea market

Best deals, best kombucha! The Alchemist bar holds the flea market occasionally and this one of the best places to get kombucha.


Have you followed @kombucha_kenya yet? You should, they’re delivering nothing but the best.


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