Get Ready For the Celebrity Burger Challenge of the Century!

written by EatOut 5th July 2013
Only a few weeks ago, Mikul Shah of EatOut and Susan Wong of Capital FM battled each other for TheBurger Challenge at Brew Bistro where Mikul emerged the winner. This time round we have Kenya’s famous bands Sauti Sol and Just A Band challenging each other on Tuesday 9th July at 5.30pm for the very same contest of eating 1.5 kg of a massive burger, french fries and a pitcher of beer and all this in one hour. It’s a difficult but a possible challenge!

Wondering what are the rules of the  BYOB(build your own Burger) Foot-Tall Burger Challenge? Simple…just as below:

1 massive foot-tall beef burger with: 5 beef patties
Weighing over 1.5Kg of premium minced beef, ALL 40 toppings, two huge burger buns, a cone full of hand cut fries and a pitcher of beer all for 5000 KES

The customer has 60 minutes to finish the burger, fries & the pitcher of BIG5 beer

IF they finish on time, they win a ‘Brew Bistro Hamper’ (Beer Mug, Packet of Coffee, branded pen, branded bottle opener, a voucher for 5000 KES and a Beer Miles Platinum Card) and the burger, fires and pitcher will be on Brew


If the customer (he/she) does not finish the burger; then they pay 5,000 KES for the Burger, Fries and Beer Pitcher

ONLY 1 burger challenge is allowed every Tuesday!

Sauti Sol is an award winning, four member afro pop band from Nairobi.
Just A Band is a Kenyan house/funk/disco band whose career was launched with their debut album Scratch To Reveal.Chimono & Marek will represent Team Sauti Sol. Mbithi & Bill will represent Team Just A Band.
Would you like to place your bet? Are you rooting for Team Sauti Sol or Team Just A Band?
Come and watch them  or follow or the twitter tag to follow is #BurgerChallengeKE

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