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by Kevin Wandu


The Oval

Artcaffe Oval

Artcaffe Grand Westgate Mall

Dormans Westgate Mall

Ohcha Westgate Mall

Tapas Westgate Mall

Urban Burger Westgate Mall

Chandarana ABC Place

Corner Shop Diamond Plaza

About Thyme Peponi Road

The Foundry

EatOut Office Peponi Road

J’s Westlands

Wasp & Sprout Loresho


Urban Eatery Delta Tower

Montys Sarit Centre

Artcaffe Garden City

Garden City Mall

Thika Road Mall

Utali Library

Nakumatt Entrance

Food Court Entrance Village Market

Artcaffe Village Market

Ohcha Village Market

Urban Burger Village Market

Artcaffe Lavington Mall

Chandarana Lavington Mall

Artcaffe Yaya Centre

Kiza Galana Plaza

Artcaffe Junction Mall

Dormans/Artcaffe Kiosk Junction

J,s Karen

Artcaffe Nakumatt Crossroads

Artcaffe The Hub

The Hub

Tin Roof – The Souk Karen

Artcaffe Galleria

Dormans Air Kenya Lounge Wilson Airport

Langata Link Shops -Tin Roof Cafe

Hardy Provisions Stores

Purdy Arms Marula Lane