Getting Naked is the New Trend in Town

written by Up Magazine 23rd January 2013

On a busy day in Nairobi, deep fried chicken, greasy pilau or a juicy burger often seem like an obvious choice when you need a quick and dirty lunchtime fix. Or even better a few slices of pizza. But if you’re not interested in adding even more inches to the growing holiday belly there is an alternative: Naked Pizza. Naked Pizza was originally named “World’s Healthiest Pizza” and that is exactly what they aspire to be. Naked is the nutritious alternative to regular fast food and is created by people with a purpose.

The company has its roots in New Orleans where Jeff Leach and Randy Crochet started their business with a vision to reduce obesity by creating a healthier yet delicious pizza, a vision that has spread to more than 300 franchise locations around the world—and since November 2012, all the way to Nairobi. The pizza is “naked” because its ingredients are natural. Each slice is stripped of all the sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and other unhealthy additives that turn food into junk. Additionally, the crust is made from 10 different kinds of grains, fiber and probiotics (beneficial bacteria cultures that help optimize nutrition and digestion).

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a diet product, or that it doesn’t hit the spot. A Naked Pizza is still a “pizza’s pizza” with delicious choices. The Nairobi branch serves up, among other delights for carnivores, the Ragin’ Cajun (sausage, chicken, garlic, bell pepper, red onion) and the Omnivore (pepperoni, hamburger, turkey ham, bell pepper, mushroom, black olive). Obviously, Naked Pizza contains fewer calories than regular pizza, but the treat is really in the unique tastes it offers. A recommendable favorite is the Superbiotic (artichoke, baby spinach, mixed pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion and coriander) where the unorthodox addition of coriander takes the taste to the next level.

Another added benefit stemming from a visit to Naked Pizza is that you don’t experience that overwhelming urge to take a two-hour nap that you get after eating regular junk food. How’s that for a sales pitch to the boss the next time you want him to buy you lunch?

Visit Naked Pizza at Fedha Plaza, 16 Mpaka Road, Westlands. Make an order via +254 707 111 888. Naked Pizza delivers within a 15 min radius of their address and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Look for new branches around the city this year.

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