Gift Ideas: What To Get Your Favourite Foodie This Christmas

written by Yummy Editorial 17th December 2018

Foodies are an easy bunch to get presents for. Some luxury food, a hamper or a nice bottle of alcohol should do the trick, right? Truth is sometimes it pays off to go that extra mile and invest in something special that will withstand the test of time. Pressed for time or ideas? Worry not, our team of dedicated food lovers hit the Nairobi streets, malls and fairs, to find some of the coolest items to gift your gourmet loved ones this Christmas season.


Waithira Chege has been making timeless and unique ceramic designs since the 1980s. Her innovative salt shaker design sells out at every christmas faire. Buy one at Spinners Web on Kitisuru Road.

Retails at Ksh 4,000




We love cool mugs and these ones are so Kenyan we just couldn’t resist putting them on the list! Available at The Bonk Store, The Junction Mall

Retails at Ksh. 1,000




This beautiful casserole by Tope Creations is microwave, dishwasher and oven proof. Delicious food deserves beautiful crockery to go with it. Check out the rest of the series on facebook.com/topecreations, Grace Kairu can arrange for it to be delivered on the same day.

Retails at Ksh. 4,000



They started out as a clothing company but their recent forays into kitchenware are colourful and so pretty. Soapstone platter available at their Alchemist outlet

Retails at Ksh. 3,000



The hipsters have known about this great dinner party hack for years and now Nairobians too can get in on the trend and bring their entertaining game to new levels.

Available at all Healthy U shops, pack of 3 Candles retail at Ksh. 2,495



These petite blenders are all the range at the moment and can whip up a delicious and nutritious smoothie in seconds! Give this to your health conscious bestie, trust me they’ll thank you for it. Available to buy at all Hotpoint outlets.

Retails at Ksh. 16,360



Whisky aficionados deserve to be shown some love this Christmas and what better way then with this.

Retails at Ksh. 4,400

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