Glass A Day #WineChick

written by Yummy Editorial 30th June 2015

Glass a day

As a modern day girl, you often have so much going on that sometimes the stress can catch up with you. Annabel Onyango muses that it’s okay for you to unabashedly give in to having one unit of red wine a day. You deserve it!

I’m a modern day girl, and modern day girls are BU-SY. Most women worth their salt these days have a day job, a side hustle, a night class, family duties, a packed social calendar, community service, a magazine column (*cough*) and at least a dozen plans in the wings waiting to be executed. As if that’s enough, we still have to make time to update our wardrobe and get our hair and nails done. Girls are industrious; we‘re multitasking pros!

With all that going on, we can then be forgiven for tip-toeing to the pantry at the end of every (long) day in search of something a little stronger than a cup of tea. Like clockwork, we crave that evening glass of our favorite table wine, served in our favorite glass, and savoured from our favorite spot on the couch. The twenty minutes or so that that glass of stress-dissolving liquid lasts is often times the only  moment of the day that we have to ourselves. It offers a little comfort to our weary souls, a little something to keep us going for another tomorrow of mental, physical, and emotional exertion. Life can feel relentless and unforgiving, and it’s a merciful God who created wine and put it in cute bottles labelled “Zinfandel”, knowing the therapeutic effect it would have on Busy Girls everywhere.

glass a day

All jokes aside, the well-researched medical benefits of having ONE unit of red wine a day include raising your good cholesterol levels, neutralizing free radicals that cause wrinkles and ageing, and regulating blood sugar. Everything in moderation of course. So no matter how trying the day has been (or how thorny tomorrow threatens to be) banish the guilt and submit to that tipple before bed. Being a fabulous Busy Girl isn’t easy, but the wine helps it along.

Annabel Onyango is an award- winning Fashion Stylist in Africa. She’s also a TV personality, social influencer, and taste-maker. Style is her do and end all.

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