Gourmet Wine Shop at ABC Place A Must Try

written by Jeannette Musembi 10th June 2013

There’s one shop in town that I know wine lovers and connoisseurs alike would find a gem- Le Decanter Wine shop located at the busy ABC place along Waiyaki Way.

It is clear that Kenyans are starting to appreciate the culture of wine, apparent from the revised menus at our favourite restaurants to accommodate all the different palates. And if not that, the shelves at our local supermarkets are also stocked with a selection or two of our popular brands.  It’s a trend that we have already started to embrace, and a good one at that.

Walk into Le Decanter Gourmet Shop and all that welcomes you are shelves and shelves of different wines and Liquors. Only over 6 months old, the wine shop is an invention of Julie Smith and her husband Andrew who both come from families of hoteliers, restaurateurs and wine makers. Quite fittingly they have personally selected their range of wines that are on sale, from easy drinking wine to the most complex wines for connoisseurs.

Julie was happy to take us through a small and private wine and cheese tasting session of the whites, reds and rosés she has in stock. Coming from a family of wine makers, we were happy that she was quite knowledgeable of the tasting notes as well as combinations. The Chateau Le Gay, Bordeaux blanc was definitely my favourite, mainly because of its very light and refreshing palate. The private wine tasting sessions are available to small groups and are equally enjoyable because it’s a one on one basis where you get to learn even more.

I was particularly impressed by the range of bottles they had. I am quite sure there are a limited number of shops in Nairobi that stock the products that Le Decanter does and more so affordable ones. These include French wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace and Provence. They also offer a range of French Aperitif’s; Digestif’s including the finest extra Old Bourgogne Spirit, Fruit Liquors and a range of non-alcoholic flavoured Syrups to please even the youngest members of the family.

And just before I thought that was all there was to it, Julie informed me that there is also a superb selection of pre-prepared cocktail mixes that can come in handy especially when entertaining large groups of people or a small party at home. All you had to do was mix them in your preferred vodka or rum to make it more exciting. Cocktails lovers are sure to take note of this.

For the total epicurean, Le Decanter has selected a range of gourmet mustards and extraordinary flavored balsamic vinegars that are near impossible to find in the local supermarkets. I tried the mushroom mustard in one of my salads and I made a mental note to go for another jar. Open from Monday to Saturday till late, this wine shop is definitely worth a visit.

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