Grapes From Down Under: Australian Wine and Food

written by Fred Mwithiga 16th November 2015

Ask any person what pops up first in their mind when you mention Australia and they’ll either tell you Kangaroos or that soap opera called Neighbours. Who here remembers it? I can still hear that song playing in the distance. Should you ask any wine connoisseur about Australia and they’ll probably go on and on about how exquisite their wine is. Besides all that we’ve watched about Australia on National Geographic and what not, this country that sits close to the edge of the earth is an undisputed wine haven. It’s no shock that Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world. And if they drink around 530 million litters of their own wine a year, its a no brainer that their wine is spot on.

With their high yield of chardonnay and shiraz and your slightly depleted stock, you might be craving some of their good stuff right about now. This week, you have the exclusive chance to liberate your thirst and bless your taste buds. Put together by Makkin, who exclusively distribute Australian wines in Kenya, all you wine enthusiasts are in for a special treat.

This Wednesday,the 18th from 7pm, Pango Brasserie at the Fairview will host a special 5 course dinner with 5 different wines from the Celestial Bay Winery. Charges will be Ksh. 5000 per person.

Grapes From Down Under: Australian Wine and Food

It doesn’t stop there. On Friday the 20th from 7pm at Sankara’s Artisan Restaurant, you’re invited to a special wine tasting with bitings for Ksh. 2500. They will also treat you to a special wine pairing dinner on Saturday the 21st at Ksh. 5,500 per person.

Grapes From Down Under: Australian Wine and Food

What makes these events even more special is that the wine maker from Celestial Bay will be around to guide you through the tasting and provide additional information on their wine. I hope they come with a Kangaroo!

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