The Great Dane: Chef Morten Boejstrup

written by EatOut 24th October 2014




We’ve tried it, and we cried it was so good.

Morten Boejstrup Nielsen is as about as rock and roll as they come. He’s an award-winning Danish chef that began earning his marks with notable Chef David Thompson at the famous London eatery, Nahm. There he cut his teeth on molecular and deconstructive styles of cooking as well as mastering the Asian cuisines.

He is currently based at the flagship Benjarong at the Dusit Thani Bangkok. There, his kitchen doubles as the training ground for developing future Dusit Thai culinary talents for all hotels globally. But the best news for local foodies was that he just came through on a tour of Nairobi and the new 14 Riverside Hotel, the dusitD2. You can taste the benefits of his knowledge and experience at its two new restaurants Soi and Soko.

Check out some of his signatures Thai dishes at Soi, including his slow cooked beef ribs in green curry. We’ve tried it, and we cried it was so good. Also recommended are the Tom Kha soups, Tiger Prawns and a chicken on the bone Penang Curry. Can you say Yummy?

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