Great Food and Wireless with Eat Out, Wazi Wifi and Google

written by Ami 2nd October 2012

Riyaz Bachani of Wazi, Google’s Joe Mucheru and Eat Out CEO Mikul Shah. Photo courtesy of Javed Khanna

Director Spez, Spencer Fondaumiere, Azam Samanani MD Steers and Debonair and Suraiya Ladak of Brew Bristro and Lounge. Photos courtesy of Javed Khanna

MC Tahir Karmali, Eat Out GM, photo courtesy of Javed Khanna

On October 1st 2012, Eat Out, Wazi Wifi and Google joined forces to officially launch a drive to offer better internet connectivity across bars and restaurants in Nairobi. The breakfast launch event at Onami Kitchen Bar saw a fantastic turnout from restaurateurs who were eager to find out what all the buzz was about with over a hundred attendees representing Nairobi’s hospitality industry.

Presentations included a panel Q&A with Joseph Mucheru, Country Director, Google Kenya, Riaz Bachani, Wazi Wifi and Mikul Shah, Director of Eat Out Kenya. The panel informally addressed the audience with the importance of online presence, improved connectivity for customers and the changing nature of how people interact with the web and social media.

A separate Q&A panel was represented by restaurateurs themselves including Spencer Fondaumiere, The Good Food Company, Azam Samanani, Debonairs, and Soraiya Ladak, The Brew Bistro and Lounge who regaled the audience with their personal experiences on coping with online presence and marketing.

The partnership with Wazi Wifi, Eat Out Kenya and Google comes as no surprise but the main benefit to customers will be improved connectivity at your favourite haunts. Wazi Wifi already has over 200 hotspots around the Metropolis but the wider network will mean that for a nominal cost, you’ll be able to access all Wazi Wifi hotspots with your nominated login and password.

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