Irresistable Offers at Thai Chi restaurant at The Sarova Stanley Hotel

written by Winnie Wangui 14th March 2015

Chicken Satay

Thai Chi, one of the most elegant Thai Cuisine establishments in Nairobi is giving Thai Cuisine lovers an offer they can’t turn away from. Named as the most authentic Thai Restaurant in East Africa, the small piece of Thailand in Nairobi is having special lunch and dinner offers from 9th March to 30th April with its extraordinary exotic dishes.

Lunch Offer

Choose from a wide variety from their lunch Menu which features mouth watering starters: Satay (Chicken marinated in mild spices and grilled on bamboo skewers with a peanut dip) or Thod Man Kao Pod (Sweet corn fritters flavoured with a delicate blend of Thai spices). This is beyond inviting, hope it has made your stomach growl with hunger.

As you salivate for the starter, their main course and their dessert menu will have you gaping in awe. Mind you, their lunch offer goes for a meagre Kshs. 2500-crazy right?

Dinner Offer

The dinner offer doesn’t disappoint either. Featured on their main course menu is Pla Ta Kaj (Tilapia fillets tossed in lemon grass and fresh galangal sauce) and Guay Tod (Banana fritters with coconut and sesame, with a touch of caramelized sugar sauce, served with ice cream} for dessert.

The dinner offer goes for Kshs. 3000 which is a really good value for such a delicately prepared meal.

So head on down to the Sarova Stanely and have a Thai feast with these Thai Chi Restaurant offers!

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