Great Steak at Eagles Restaurant Ole Sereni

written by Business Daily 8th August 2014

Eagles at Ole Sereni Hotel Nairobi

Recently launched fine dining restaurant at Ole Sereni, Eagles, is much more than just a restaurant.

Many will agree that Ole Sereni is well-known for its stunning views over the Nairobi National Park. Loyal customers and new ones alike have enjoyed the experiences that the existing restaurants – Big Five and the Water Hole Bar – have had to offer.

And now there is even more on the plate at Eagles restaurant. What sets it apart from the rest, you might ask?

Firstly, it’s the stunning fourth floor view that affords diners an even more spectacular view of the park. Then there’s the specialty steaks prepared lovingly by Executive Chef Kevin Barron that keeps them coming for more.

Chef Barron explains why the steaks are so much better than many others in town.


What distinguishes the restaurant from the rest at Ole Sereni?

A few things in my eyes, view, set up, service and, of course, the food.


What kind/type of cuisine does Eagles do?

Steaks! Some dishes have a twist as well.


Speaking of cuisine, Eagles is quite big on specialty steaks. What kinds of steaks do you do?

Fillets, Sirloins, Rib Eyes, T-Bones, Ostrich, Ribs.


Majority of restaurants are getting into steaks. What makes your steaks one of a kind?

Our sourcing and ageing process.


Chef Kevin Barron

Tell us a bit about the preparation process to the point it reaches the customer’s plate.

We source from the best ranches in the country, the beef is aged at the butcher’s then again here so we develop flavour and texture, we then char-grill it and slowly butter roast to finish.


Who would be your best clientele to dine at Eagles?

We have priced it in a way that’s affordable to most people.


Do you also have vegetarian options for the vegans in the group?

Very much so and we also produce something special whenever the need arises. Recently, I had two guests stand with me in the kitchen while we made their food


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