The Great Taste Tour With KFC!

written by Fred Mwithiga 26th May 2015

With this darn weather, I could do with some KFC right now. Maybe you’re sitting there reading this, fingers buried in your KFC bucket because you are loyal to Colonel Sanders and his crispy fried chicken. Have you ever wanted to find out how they make their chicken as delicious as it is? KFC are proud to introduce The Great Taste Tour: An opportunity for foodies to go behind the scenes and watch how KFC make their chicken so fresh and crispy!

The Great Taste Tour With KFC!

The Great Taste Tour With KFC!

We recently had the opportunity to see the all the glory come to life when we visited their Limuru Road branch. With our hair nets on and a stomaches full of adventure, the ‘Staff Only’ doors gave way to eager foodies. KFC are strict when it comes to keeping clean. We had to wash our hands and then disinfect them after. No room for food poisoning in their kitchen. Our tour guide, Patrick was on hand to explain the ins and outs of how they work on a day to day basis.

The Great Taste Tour With KFC!

They employee a strict no wastage policy in all their kitchens. They ensure that food is prepared and kept in the right temperature and stored for the shortest time possible. They want to serve your food in the shortest time possible and as fresh as possible. They’re quite organised too! Their kitchen is divided into a blue section, where non-meat products are prepared such as fries, buns and ugali and a red section where all meat products are stored and prepared.

The Great Taste Tour With KFC!

As much as I had hoped, they didn’t reveal their secret recipe. And anyway, where’s the fun in that? Food is a journey, an adventure! Want to be part of The Great Taste Tour? , make sure you’re constantly checking their Facebook page for more details!

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