Grilling Meat: 10 Invaluable Tips

written by Wendy Watta 4th June 2018

How to grill meat

1) Warm up
Make sure the meat is thoroughly defrosted and is at room temperature before you start cooking it. Otherwise, you’ll end up disappointed when the outside turns out well charred but the insides are somewhat gray with a little strip of red in the middle.
2) Charcoal up
Your meat may take up the flavour of gas so you might want to avoid grilling over a cooking gas. There’s nothing quite like smelling the meat as it roasts over charcoal! Besides, you can taste the difference grilling over wood chips (some swear by mesquite soaked in apple juice) adds to the meat.
3) Use twice the spice
You may think you’re using enough spices but you’re not. Double up on the amount. Be sure to season earlier as well so that the spices can be absorbed into the meat.
4) Season from up high
You’ll be naturally inclined to hold your hand just over the meat, but try raise it higher. This will help the spices spread out more evenly, in turn avoiding spice clumps on the meat.
5) Leave the meat alone!
I get it, it’s exciting to keep checking on the grill. There’s an African proverb which states that a watched kettle never boils. Consequently, a watched grill…okay, I have nothing, but you get my point! Leave the lid on as this will ensure stable temperature for your meat.
6) Consider basting your steak with peanut oil
Not only can it withstand more heat than other oils, it also tastes a whole lot better.
7)Don’t flip out too soon
Let the meat develop a seared crust on the grill before flipping it, otherwise it will stick to the grates.
8) Place the steak at 90 degrees
When you put meat on a grill, the temperature will drop in that particular space. If you’ll then keep flipping it onto that same spot, there will be less heat and so you won’t get a good sear. Besides, having it at 90 degrees will give you some badass grill marks!
9) Don’t overdo it.
You’d rather undercook a steak than overcook it. You can always pop it back on the grill if it turns out to bee too rare for your liking.
10) For the love of steak…please let it rest! 
Once it’s off the grill, don’t be too eager to dig in. Wait some five minutes before slicing as this will give the juices a chance to settle back into the meat.
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