Halloween Recipe: Freakish Eyeball Cake Pops

written by Yummy Team 14th October 2019

It’s a spooktacular month and we’re excited to share with you spooky recipes! We doubt even the Wizard of Oz or Gandalf the Grey would approve of you snacking on eyeballs but, there’s an exception when it comes to Halloween.

To make it more fun, let your kids participate in decorating the eyeballs. One way to beat fear is to make eyeballs and then eat them! *Insert evil laugh*

The Halloween eyeball recipe is pretty easy and you won’t strain on getting the ingredients. You can use Smarties instead of M&M’s and use a Madeira cake for your sponge cake. You can also go crazy on the colours, the creepier the better.


  • 100g sponge cake
  • 100g Oreo cookies
  • 100g bar of melted dark chocolate
  • 100g bar of melted white chocolate
  • M&Ms tablet candy for decorating
  1. Break the sponge cake and cookies and place them in a food processor.
  2. Add the melted dark chocolate and whizz until well combined.
  3. Place the mixture in a bowl and using your hands, mould the mixture into about 10 balls.
  4. Let them chill for about 2 hours until they’re hard.
  5. Spoon the melted white chocolate over the balls to completely cover them.
  6. On each ball, press two M&M’s over while the white chocolate is still wet to form eyes.
  7. Let it chill for about an hour for the chocolate to settle.
  8. Add eye veins and eyeballs with an icing pen/bag filled with red food colour.

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