Have a Square Burger and Ribs at Big Square

written by Jeannette Musembi 15th June 2013


If there’s something that everyone enjoys and appreciates once in a while, it’s a great day out and fun in the sun. Add some snacks and delicious food to that and you have yourself a fantastic experience. While some might argue that nowadays it’s hard to find the time to do all that, and especially with family, I still hold on to the memories I had as a toddler and maintain it is a past time that will never outgrow time.

One such place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the ever-crowded Nairobi is at Big Square restaurant in Karen. Just a little over 6 months old, this establishment has already carved a niche for itself with the surrounding clientele and now its time to spread the word out. Sure, Karen might be a tad bit out of the way for some, but I assure you the trip will be quite worth it. The restaurant is easily visible from the road and getting lost is not the worst thing that will happen to you. So relax with the Google maps.

High ceiling, airy seating area and the overall ‘homely’ décor are the first things that captured my attention. The brown and orange hues coupled with some greenery made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The proprietor, Morne Deetlefs, was quick to point out that most of their amazing furniture was sourced locally. That made me love the setting even more.

It’s self service, so walking up to the counter and ordering from the colourful menu is as good as it gets. On the brighter side, it’s kind of simple and I think it leaves no room for messing an order. The food on the other hand, is what I like to call ‘comfort food’. So weight watchers, please leave your scales at home and get ready to let your hair down- because it’s a filling feast!

Juicy ribs marinated in Big Square’s secret sauce, sticky barbecued chicken wings, chips, and one of the most delicious onion rings I’ve tasted, will tempt your palate. Vegetarians will feel welcome with a wide range of salads on the menu, from fresh garden salad all the way to fish salad.big square

But the highlight of the day was definitely the square themed burgers as well as their unique flavours. From chicken tikka, bacon jam, to honeydew smoked beef all the way to Jalapeno chicken. And if you are up for the challenge, test yourself with the double cheese and onion ring burger with 200grams of pure flame broiled beef and make sure you live to tell the story.

The restaurant’s name obviously is a sell out when it comes to the design of their food. Morne explains that they had to custom design square tools specifically because of this unique feature. So expect, not a round bun on your plate, but a square one. Apart from the food, they have a kiddie section where the parents can let their children play as they enjoy their beers or catch up with mature conversation without worry.

Enjoy Big Square’s café full breakfast for only Kshs500 with scrumptious Frappes and fruity shakes or take full advantage of their delivery service if you’re stuck indoors.


For online bookings please log onto www.eatout.co.ke/BigSquare

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