Have You Tried Boba Bubble Tea Yet?

written by Andrew Onyango 19th January 2015

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There is a little tea spot on the 2nd floor of the Thika Road Mall, opposite the Funzone arcade, which you really should try soon.

But it isn’t your typical tea spot. This is Boba Bubble Tea. Home of Bubble Tea in Kenya.

Boba Bubble Tea is a cold refreshing fruit drink which is relatively new and exciting to the Kenyan Market.

It is the brainchild of Akta Savla, Hiral Savla and Hansil Bid, all entrepreneur’s who interacted with the product while working in the UK, and thought it would be a delicious edition to the Kenyan cold drink scene.
They were not wrong because their current outlet at TRM gets an astounding amount of love from mall goers looking to sit down, take a break and have a cold drink.
“People who try it, like it and come back with more orders and TRM is a great space because of the high traffic, especially on weekends and holidays”
Hansil Bid
The drink is a combination of tea and candy snacks which can be sucked up through a large straw. A perfect fix for the excruciatingly hot days we have been experiencing lately.

The bubble tea is served with chewy bubbles called tapioca, popping bubbles and jelly.

The popping bubbles, which are very popular, pop in your mouth releasing fruity juice which adds to the experience.

Boba Bubble Tea Ingredients

Boba Bubble Tea Ingredients

Flavors Available 

Part of the popularity surrounding Boba Bubble Tea is the fact that you can mix and match flavors to create cocktails which suit your tastes. However, if you are a “one at a time” type of person, you can select from a fruit base, coffee base or a milk base. The fruit base, as the name suggests has fruit flavors like passion, mango, lemon, honeydew, lychee or kumquat. The coffee base has flavors of hazelnut, caramel or vanilla for a creamy coffee flavor and the milk base has flavors of chocolate, vanilla, taro, honeydew, strawberry and coconut. But remember to mix and match because if the team at Boba like what you create, they might just add it to the menu!

Boba Tea Fresh Tea Cocktail

Is It Healthy?

Boba Bubble Tea is made using healthy ingredients and teas like Jasmine (green tea) which is known to have health benefits including increasing blood flow and lowering cholesterol.  Boba also have  a selection of juices available.

How Much Is It?

Boba Bubble Teas range according to your order. The general range is between KSh. 100 to KSh. 300.

They also have a loyalty card system where by if you buy 10 drinks, you get one absolutely free.

So be sure yo go to TRM and give them a sip. You just might love them.

Boba also offer catering services for events and delivery to offices for a minimum order of 10.

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