Have You Tried Out These Cloud Kitchens?

written by Winnie Wangui 14th August 2018

Cloud Kitchens are a relatively new trend in the foodservice industry where entrepreneurs provide food or other condiments in a way that is less time consuming for consumers and customers. We all have days when we really don’t feel like cooking nor do we want to order food from a restaurant or go to a restaurant for a meal.

Since home-cooked meals are considered healthier than restaurant meals, the idea of having home-cooked meals prepared at someone else’s home and delivered to your home is what Cloud Kitchens are about. Therefore, Cloud Kitchens are food preparation facilities designed specifically to fulfill digital orders, with no seating or service on premise.

Here in Nairobi, this trend has quickly caught on and there are quite a number of Cloud Kitchens already operational. Here are a few that you should try today.

Grub Donuts

Grub Donuts


If you are a pastry lover, then these donuts will do more than just satisfy your craving. They feature a unique concept where they prepare alcohol-infused donuts all prepared fresh every day. Their menu includes flavours such as lemon, mint, fudge, red velvet and creative toppings such as chevda, oreo, caramelised coconut and more.

Uncle Nene’s Kitchen

Uncle nenes

This burger making cloud kitchen specializes in home-made burgers, fries and wings. Their variety of offerings include beef bacon burgers, cheeseburgers, french toast burgers, lemon pepper wings, sweet and spicy wings and more. Their dishes are prepared fresh every day and orders close at 2pm.

Chris P Wings

chris p wings

Specializing in fast food, mainly chicken wings and fries, Chris P Wings, delivers wings with a variety of flavours such as: Caribean Jerk, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki Sesame and more. Their combos are pocket-friendly and they deliver to numerous locations.

Jars Of Goodness

jars of goodness

If you are one who loves to give your home-cooked meals a kick with organic flavours, Jars Of Goodness should be your go-to. From jams to chutneys, to pickles, these guys aim to give zest to all your meals with their jars of home-made products.

Miracle Foods Kenya

miracle foods kenya

Healthy salads in a jar are what you will find at Miracle Foods. They prepare a wide variety of salads and parfaits. Some of the salads prepared include; couscous salad, burrito jar, Mexican black bean salad, high protein salad just to mention a few. Their parfaits include; banana cream pie parfait, peanut butter parfait and more.

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