Healthy Lunch Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

written by Leroy Buliro 4th September 2018

If there’s one thing that parents adore is seeing their kids grow up healthy.  From vegetarian dishes to delicious smoothies, these nutrient and vitamin-packed recipes will surely have them nourished and licking their fingers for more.

Smoothie Breakfast Bowl with Berries & Granola

Photo: www.alattefood.com

This breakfast bowl with berries and granola combines all the good things mother nature has to offer in one: fruits and fibre! It’s awesome to have for lunch and your kids will enjoy it.

Get the recipe: smoothie bowl with berries and granola


Avocado Toast

Photo: www.californiaavocado.com

Who doesn’t love avocado? Well, if your kid doesn’t, perhaps this simple yet delicious avocado toast will ensure he finishes lunch this time around.

Get the recipe: avocado on toast




 Maple Roasted Carrots

Photo: www.feedforwardblog.com

Do you want your kids to eat their veggies? Roasted carrots could be a way to make them. The maple syrup used to prepare them makes them tasty. They’re also easy to make.

Get the recipe: roasted carrots




 Kid-Friendly Salad

pHOTO: http://www.eatingwell.com


You can never go wrong with salads. Salads have a little bit of everything and your kid is sure bound to like at three or four of the ingredients you will use to make this.

Get the recipe: kid-friendly recipe






5. Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups

Photo by The Comfort of Cooking

Have you been wanting to teach your kids how to cook but you’re not sure of where to start? Try the ham egg and cheese roll-ups! They are delicious and you can have them any time of the day. Make some sauce that you can dip them in for added flavour.

Get the recipe: ham egg and cheese roll-ups








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