Hennessy’s Cypher 2.0 LAUNCH features the biggest names in Kenya hip-hop

by Kevin Wandu

Hennessy, the world’s number one cognac, launched the second edition of the Hennessy cypher in Kenya at the 1824 club, having launched the first edition of the cypher in April 2021.

For the second edition, Hennessy brought together some of Kenya’s talented hip hop artists, including Boutross Munene, Rekles, Xtatic, Elisha Elai, and Monski, who performed live at the launch, creating an eclectic mix of musical talents. The Hennessy Cypher highlights Kenyan hip-hop artists, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover their inner drive, confidence, passion, and talent that can create chain reactions and unite millions.

Speaking about the launch, Market Manager Moët Hennessy Eastern African Alexandre Helaine noted that,

“Hennessy is proud to offer a platform to young talented artists to showcase their art in the true DNA of Hennessy, Never Stop Never Settle. The story of Hennessy and Hip-hop goes way back, and we are excited to launch our second cypher in Kenya. Hennessy Cypher 2.0 is a perfect example of Hennessy’s Art of Blending.”

The Hennessy Cypher’s success is a testament to the brand’s devotion to strengthening and promoting artistic content within the Kenyan creative space. The cypher aims to impact the Kenyan Hip-Hop culture and ignite quality conversations.

“Hennessy has a past and a definite future with music and will continue to provide a platform for artists, blending music, talent, influences, and Cognac. The Cypher artists are the perfect ambassadors for the Hennessy brand. They truly Never Stop. Never Settle.” added Mr. Helaine.

From Left to Right Rappers – Rekles, Boutross Munene, Monski & Elisha Elai

Capturing the pioneering spirit of Kenyan creatives requires a high level of cultural respect and understanding – one which only a brand with 150 years of history in Africa could tap into. Hennessy invites you to be part of the second edition and embrace the spirit of Never Stop, Never Settle.

Watch the Hennessy Cypher 2.0 here: https://youtu.be/jtMcZJOCAl8

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