Herdy Fresh Announces Launch of Its Mobile App

written by Yummy Team 5th August 2019

Herdy Fresh Limited is excited to launch its new mobile app. It is available on both Appstore and Google Play store. The mobile app was launched at the Nailab offices on the 25th of July over an event, which included the investors, their suppliers and some of their customers.

Media personality Kalekye Mumo at the launch of Herdy Fresh at the Nailab offices

Sam Gichuru, an investor and CEO of Nailab said during the launch party, “When Derrick first came to me with the idea of starting up his company, after having interned at Nailab for three months, I decided to financially assist him based on trust and with no legally binding document. Today I look at Derick and feel very proud of the milestones he has covered and how much he has achieved.”

Herdy Fresh believes the mobile app will cater to customers who are always on the move and that the general features provided create a good look and feel, and provide a better user experience. The new app includes features such as buy airtime, a list of one’s previous orders, a search button, and a shopping list.

Guests at the launch enjoying dinner

The CEO Derrick Muturi founded Herdy Fresh as Rabbit IQ back in 2016. The aim was to create a market platform for rabbit farmers to sell their products. Gradually, Herdy Fresh up-scaled from rabbit meat and incorporated beef and chicken.

Currently Herdy Fresh is a purely online shop that caters for your daily grocery shopping needs ranging from fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and flowers. The company is ever-growing and intent on incorporating baked foods, and drinks.

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