Hilarious Pepsi VS Coke Halloween Ad War

written by Andrew Onyango 29th October 2014

Hallowine_728_by_90-GifCoke VS Pepsi Halloween Whether you are a fan of Pepsi or Coke, you will love this hilarious ad campaign war between Pepsi and Coca Cola.

The first ad was created by Pepsi as a spoof on their competitor CocaCola, perhaps depicting that Coke is just secretly Pepsi in a cape. But in a surprise twist response, Coke did not sue or complain, they took the exact same artwork and manipulated it in their favor. Using the caption “Everyone wants to be a hero!”, Coke spun the campaign around and took on some traction.

This brilliant ad concept worked well as both brands enjoyed the benefits of the viral shares of the ads.

If Kenyan brands were to pull such schemes, who would you like to see imitate who?

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