Justin Timberlake Kills It In This Hilarious Tequila Ad

written by Yoga David 8th May 2015
Justin Timberlake kills it in This Hilarious Tequila Ad


It is without doubt that Justin Timberlake has always been a pretty decent actor. In the Hollywood acting scene we have seen a selection of musicians who have gracefully transition into acting with ease, but Timberlake has time again proven his acting chops. The 34 year old artist has since invested in tequila Brand Company The Sauza 901.

With this, he has inconspicuously appeared in an ad for the Sauza. The premise  is somehow similar to a “Where They Are Now?” documentary, which features humanoid limes.

Check out the three-minute tequila ad chronicling the more so rise and fall of Timberlake’s anthropomorphic fruit.

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