11 Spots to Enjoy Indigenous Food during World Food Day

written by Yummy Team 15th October 2019

Taking care of your body is important and it starts with eating healthy food. One great source of important nutrients for our body is indigenous food. And we are in luck because Hivos East Africa has partnered with EatOut for a special World Food Day week from October 14-23rd. What does this mean? Participating restaurants have created a special menu that you can go and enjoy during the period. Expect authenticity, lots of freshness and the usual high-quality service and food from these places mentioned below.

And after this amazing week, end it in style at the World Food Fair happening at The Arbor on 20th October which will include healthy eating pop-ups, talks and a surprise performance by the amazing Tetu Shani¬†ūüĒ•
Arbor Place

Located on James Gichuru Road, The Arbor is a breath of fresh air when it comes to dining. It’s an eco-friendly garden that’s very Instagrammable given its picturesque setting. That’s not all. Their menu is diverse, covering not only Kenya but the larger East Africa. For World Food Day, The Arbor will be serving dishes such as pumpkin and carrot soup as the starter with the mains being coffee rub Kenyan steak with Sukuma and Ugali and the dessert being stuffed mandazi.

Location: Lavington                         Operating hours: 9AM Р10PM

Boho Eatery

Photography by: William Namuks & Patrick Gitau

This hipster spot is a great place for vegetarians and vegans and the space is just as impressive. In the list of impressive things at Boho Eatery is the fact that actor Colin Firth once dined there and broadcasted it to the world which made us super proud! Their tostones are irresistible especially enjoyed with halloumi. For this special initiative by Hivos, Boho Eatery will be serving kienyeji greens, goat cheese and ugali quiche and salad as well as matoke and pumpkin leaf burgers and more. Make sure to drop by.

Location: Hardy, Karen                      Operating hours: 8.30AM Р5PM

Brown’s Cheese

Brown’s Cheese Farm and the Brown’s Kiosk at the Village Market will both be participating in Hivos World Food Day. Of course, the cheese from Brown’s is arguably the best in the local scene. You can get meals such as pumpkin with sorghum and sough dough bread, wild sukuma crackers and (must-try) honey marinated kienyeji chicken sandwich. At the Brown’s Cheese Farm in Limuru, you will get all the mentioned dishes with an addition of Tulsi and ginger chai ice cream with millet mandazi. The dishes at the farm are only exclusively available to farm tour clients.

Location: Village Market Food Court

Operating hours: 12 NOON – 4PM


Cultiva Farm

This spot is a blessing in the local food scene and you can’t gush enough about them. It’s everything about this place that makes you fall in love; their farm-to-table concept, the rustic look and feel, the tasty food, the service. Have we given you enough reason to head there? Their menu offering for World Food Day will definitely convince you to go. They have a huasca platter which has roasted cauliflower, grilled zucchini, smoked beetroot, grilled portobello, mashed butternut, hummus, crunchy leeks, hollandaise foam and sourdough bread. The seared tuna steak sounds like a dish you don’t want to skip either!

Location: Pofu Road, Karen

Operating hours: 12.30PM – 10PM (Thursday – Sunday)

Honey & Dough

If you have not been to Honey & Dough, then you know that FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing. This chic restaurant has been the most ‘Instagrammed’ outlet of the year (if that’s even a real word!). Other than an inviting decor, the food is just as delicious and inviting, with their acai bowl being a favourite for many. Are you still sure you want to miss out? We know the answer is no so prep yourself for a savoury serving of zucchini avocado tartare as the starter, asparagus crepe in pea sauce as the main course and choco pear slice as the dessert. They have an option 2 which we suggest you go and find out because we don’t want to spoil you for choice now.

Location: 7th Floor, One Africa Place     Operating hours: 7AM Р10PM

The Local Grill

Are you a steak lover? You definitely know The Local Grill offer some of the best steak cuts and that means this place should be on your list for World Food Day. The spot located at the Village Market will be serving chicken liver stack, grilled octopus as starters. Expect grass-fed beef fillet, gourmet burger consisting of a 200g beef patty, crispy bacon and avocado and more as the main dishes. Sukuma and managu, ugali, sweet potato mash with beef jus will serve as the side dishes.

Location: Village Market, Gigiri       Operating hours: 12.30PM Р10PM

Nyama Mama

Both Nyama Mama Delta Towers and Nyama Mama Capital Centre will be participating. You’re already thinking about all the authentic indigenous dishes you’ve had at Nyama Mama and now it gets even better. Let’s not forget how generous the servings so make sure to bring your appetite with you as you dig in on coconut-crusted calamari and sweet potato croquettes (highly recommended) for starters. Their mains include the cashew-crusted tilapia with creamy corn and arrowroot mash. We’re skipping over to the dessert because it is the one! If you have not had their dessert before, make sure you order it; molten lava cake with moringa infused ice cream.

Location: Delta Towers, Westlands                  Operating hours: 12 NOON Р11PM

Shamba Cafe

You go to Shamba Cafe when you want to escape this noisy world. Grab a book or take your pet and chill in this wonderful cafe in Loresho. The food isn’t just irresistible, it’s unforgettable, the kind the palate never forgets because of how good it is. We’re not kidding! The fact that it’s a little hidden from the rest of the city makes it seem unreal but it’s the spot you want to find yourself at every Sunday evening after work. If only wishes were horses huh? During the World Food Day week, enjoy smokey grilled lamb chops, roasted pork loin chops and zoodles for vegetarians and vegans. Zoodles consists of zucchini pasta with tomato basil, primavera sauce with a touch of cream and parmesan.

Location: Loresho Ridge               Operating hours: 9AM Р7.30PM

Tin Roof Cafe

With locations in both Karen and Lang’ata, this is another restaurant that is participating in the Hivos World Food Day initiative. On sunny days, Tin Roof is the place to be for a relaxing afternoon. Keen on offering healthy food, you know you’ll be well-taken care of when it comes to foodservice. Their World Food Day menu has vegan soup with toasted Ciabatta as the starter and a vegan and kuku wrap as their main dish. Head to this spot and discover more for your palate!

Locations: Lang’ata & Karen¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Operating hours: 8AM – 5.30PM

Tribe 44

The story behind the name of this restaurant is quite unique and we cover it in our October/November issue. When President Uhuru announced the Asian community as the 44th tribe of Kenya, the owners of this space were impressed by the recognition and chose to honour it with a restaurant which means the meals are just as authentic as the name suggests. The signature dishes are Tribe 44 bhajia, Tribe 44 salad and Tribe 44 breakfast wrap. What we’ve listed is just a taste of the more offerings they have for World Food Day.

Location: Spring Valley         Operating hours: 8AM Р9PM


A popular outlet on ABC Place on Waiyaki Way, this is another outlet you can’t afford not going to for World Food Day special dishes. They have classic falafel in pita, falafel salad, a hummus bowl and chicken in pita. You can also have the falafel on their own or get a few extras of the pita, pickles, salad and chicken.

Location: ABC Place

Operating hours: 8AM – 8PM


Where will you be celebrating World Food Day from October 14th-23rd?

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