Holiday Inn Nairobi Presents ‘The Hang Out’: An Extraordinary Fusion of Sipping, Savoring, and Swaying

by Rachael Ndeti

Holiday Inn Nairobi, Two Rivers Mall officially launched their Hang Out experience in partnership with The-Bar ( by East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL) at the Hotel.

From left_ Holiday Inn Public relations personnel Ivy Irungu and General Manager Amit Sharma.

The event brought together key partners from East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL) food, lifestyle content creators, and media, offering them a platform to interact, network, and indulge in delectable cuisine while enjoying live entertainment. The Holiday Inn Hang Out is set to revolutionize how customers socialize and elevate their experience at Holiday Inn. 

The General Manager of Holiday Inn Nairobi, Mr. Amit Sharma, said, “We are delighted to partner with The-Bar by EABL to bring the Holiday Inn Hang Out to life. This collaboration offers our guests a unique, fun, and enjoyable experience. We aim to create a lively and engaging space that caters to our guests’ diverse interests and preferences. These Hang Outs are the first of many and will undoubtedly become sought-after activities for those seeking new experiences.” 

From left: Digital Content creators_ Trish Maina and Kevin Kairu

Launching the Holiday Inn Hang Out signifies the hotel’s dedication to enhancing the guest experience and providing innovative offerings that cater to modern travellers’ evolving needs and preferences. This partnership with The-Bar by EABL further strengthens the hotel’s commitment to collaborate with industry leaders to deliver exceptional services. 

Samuel Ndunda, the E-commerce Manager for East African Breweries Limited Plc (EABL), said, “Our offers on The Bar Ke have evolved to meet our consumers’ expectations. In 2020, we launched this platform as a digital shopfront to make it more convenient for consumers to receive genuine EABL products at home. Customers may buy and customize a soiree directly from, making planning parties and events easier. Thanks to partnerships like this with Holiday Inn, our consumers can get a first-hand experience of what The Bar Soiree offers.”

Holiday Inn invites you, whether a hotel guest or visiting with friends, family, or colleagues, to the Hangout and guarantees an unforgettable experience with unbeatable offers.

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