Holy Water Wine: Packaging Spotlight

written by EatOut 30th July 2013
pic http://winetimes.co/

pic http://winetimes.co/

Australian design firm The Creative Method crafted these Holy Water labels to adorn the wine bottles the organization presented to its loyal clients.

Taking cues from the pulpy aesthetics of graphic novels, the design team took photos of the staff in their clients’ offices and transformed them into curvy comic book goddesses and square-jawed, muscle-bound superheroes.

pic http://winetimes.co/

pic http://winetimes.co/

The story lines depicted on these labels tell each employee’s misadventures after taking a swig of Holy Water. These engrossing labels are decked out in a vibrant palette of black, white, green, yellow and blood red. The Creative Method have crafted the perfect client gift. The Holy Water wine bottles not only demonstrate the firm’s ability to think outside the box, these vino labels are also personalized and therefore warrant keeping long after the wine is gone.


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