Homer Simpson’s Duff Beer Comes To Life!

written by Fred Mwithiga 15th July 2015

Homer Simpson's Duff Beer Comes To Life!

Say it aint doh! If you grew up watching The Simpsons, you definitely fell in love with Homer Simpson and his obsession for Duff beer. Even though I was too young to know what beer was, or what it tasted like, I knew Duff had to be the best beer in the cartoon universe.

Well guess what, there’s an official Duff beer being launched in the market! But dont rejoice just yet, you’d have to go all the way to Chile to get your hands on a bottle once its released. Why Chile? Apparently, fans had taken it upon themselves and made unauthorised versions and Fox had to step in and release an official version of Homers beloved brew.  21st Century Fox, the owners of the beloved animated series, are planning to roll out the iconic beer in Chile this month and possibly South America and Europe by next year. If your planning a trip to the USA and you want to have a taste of the beer, you’d have t0 head to the Simpsons section of Universals theme park in Orlando and Los Angeles.

Wondering how it tastes? According to 21st Century Fox executive, Jeffrey Godsick, “It’s a premium lager. It’s got a very good balance of flavor and refreshment to it. It’s fairly deep golden in color. It’s got a hint of fruit to it. It’s got a caramel aromatic to it.” Sounds a lot like something Homer would drink. I hope it makes it to Africa though! It would be great drinking Duff and watching The Simpsons.

Homer Simpson's Duff Beer Comes To Life!


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